Five ways to eat the Nduja

If we are talking about versatile ingredients, we have necessarily mention the amazing nduja. Unchallenged queen of the Calabrian salami, nduja is a product with humble origins, but which is now appreciated by everyone thanks to its particular spicy taste.

Are you looking for something that excites your guests' palate? Do you want to discover new surprising nuances of taste? The place is the right one, here are five alternative ways to eat the nduja:

1) Spread on toasted bread
Also if looks like a simple suggestion, spread the nduja on a slice of toasted bread is a perfect solution to offer to your guests a delicious appetizer. Thanks to the bread warmth, in fact, nduja releases all its intense flavor;

2) On the pizza
Yes, a couple of tablespoons of nduja can dignify a lot of pizza types. For example, in a Calabrian variant of the famous "Tuna and onion" pizza, the nduja of the Spilinga district and the Tropea's onion would guarantee and amazing combination between spicy and sweet. We suggest to eat this special pizza with an artisan amber beer;

3) With the red sauces
Nduja is perfect to intensify the flavor of every red sauce. From the traditional tomato sauce to the iconic "Ragù alla bolognese", the super Calabrian salami is perfect to give an extra touch to your recipes;

4) With pasta and beans
Have you never tasted pasta with beans and nduja of Calabrian black pork? Do it and you will surely fall in love with this unbelievable dish. We suggest to eat this pasta with a glass of Rosso Ricupo, a Calabrian red wine characterized by an intense aromatic band;

5) With the eggs "in purgatorio"
Last but not least, we suggest a dish which is dedicated to all the people which are constantly looking for unique flavors. We are talking about the eggs "in purgatorio" with nduja, which will give an extra touch to a traditional Italian dish. They are perfect to eat with a glass of Seme Nero, a Calabrian red wine with a dense tannic texture.

Now you have just to run in our shopping section, take everything you need and enjoy the goodness of the typical Calabrian products.