Christmas Gifts: online Christmas baskets

It is never too early to think of the perfect gift to buy for the people you love most; Christmas is a time of huge conviviality, in which the beauty of the exchange of gifts embodies all the magic of the family holiday par excellence.

The basket of typical products, for example, is a must-have idea which can satisfy the needs and tastes of everyone. This Christmas thought is a skilfully balanced mix of a traditional and original, useful and very personal gift. Giving a Christmas basket means not being satisfied - at the last minute - with the usual products marketed by large retailers, for this reason, Bottega di Calabria gives its loyal customers the opportunity to order directly online a selection of its best products, expertly packaged in a line of baskets of fine workmanship.

The best local products in fabulous Christmas baskets

The wooden Christmas basket of Bottega di Calabria is the flagship of our online proposal, a cadeau with many Calabrian excellencies; refined products whose packaging, with attention to detail, as well as hide typicality of unmistakable taste, stands out for its colours and workmanship. It often happens to spend time and energy looking for the original idea that allows us to make a good impression, with the Christmas baskets of Bottega di Calabria you have everything at your fingertips and you can count on a customer service always friendly and helpful.

christmas baskets

Choose the products of the online Christmas basket?

Which are the products in the unique and inimitable Christmas basket? You can opt for totally Calabrian flavours - certified with the top of the range of local production - choosing the nduja, bruschetta and a good red wine to be shared in company. Among the many alternatives there are also sausages, olives and mushrooms pate, or, for lovers of good wine, a proposal of the best Calabrian labels. Every thought is unique and special, just like the people around you!

The selection of cold cuts is really rich, in the Christmas baskets you can find the local pancetta or soppressata; or, if the recipient of your gift is a lover of cheese, the caciocavallo or pecorino of the highest quality. With the Christmas baskets by Bottega di Calabria we have made the local research our trademark, our distinctive signature.

Our customers are also passionate supporters of jams and spices: also in this case you can opt for sea or oil preserves, among which stand out for its deliciousness the pate of black olives and anchovies and the chilies stuffed with tuna, for the palates which don't fear the strong flavours of our territory. For your sweetest friends, however, you can buy jams and honeys 100% Calabrian shipped in convenient handmade jars, perfectly isolated. Among the items preferred by customers there is no lack of Sulla honey, Bergamot and the classic - but always appreciated - Millefiori.

Take a look also at the selection of Liqueurs and Bitters, perfect to propose a traditional taste - and always appreciated - on your table: liqueur with Mirto D'Aspromonte, grappa with Liquorice or liqueur of Calabrian Herbs.

Christmas requires a special idea to enrich your family conviviality. If you are also looking for gift hampers and baskets which contain genuine and special products, Bottega di Calabria is right for you!