Calabrian vines: the Magliocco

Magliocco's close links with Greece are evident both in its origins and in its name, which in Greek means "tender knot", probably because it has a closed bunch like a knot or a fist.

It is a variety known in Calabria since the Middle Ages, mentioned in 1601 by Mirafiori and spread mainly on the Tyrrhenian coast. After a long period of oblivion, during which it risked disappearing, it has recently been rediscovered and enhanced, even in the Ionian part.

The characteristics of Magliocco

It is not possible to identify a precise cultivation area, especially because Magliocco is often crushed together with other typical varieties of Calabria, such as Greco Nero and Marsigliana Nero. It is a very luxuriant variety that in early autumn brings to ripening medium sized bunches, rather stumpy and quite compact.

The colour of the ripe berries is very dark, black tending to blue. If cultivated in areas with very fertile soil, it shows excess vigour.

Vinified in purity, Magliocco does not give life to dark wines deep in colour but to a harmonious, soft product with a good alcohol content that lends itself to medium ageing. This is why it is often used with other varieties, to maximize the potential of the vine.

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