Delicious bruschetta: the Calabrian recipe

One of the most popular summer dishes are bruschetta. Quick to make, customizable and delicious, they are perfect to share with friends on a terrace overlooking the sea or caressed by a cool mountain breeze.

Whether it's white, wholemeal, cereal or rye, the fundamental component for making a perfect bruschetta, is a quality bread toasted to the right point. That said, here are three 100% Calabrian recipes for you.

Bruschetta with pancetta

Spread on a slice of toasted bread some black olives pate, add three thin slices of rolled pancetta and complete with eggplant fillets in oil. Suggested pairing: dark beer with recognizable notes of peat.

Bruscetta with filone

Spread on a slice of toasted bread some mushrooms cream, add three slices of seasoned filone and complete with turnip greens in oil. Suggested pairing: red wine with fruity nuances.

Bruschetta with anchovies

Spread on a slice of toasted bread some green olives and almond pate, add four anchovy fillets and complete with onion in oil. Suggested pairing: sparkling white wine with a delicate but persistent flavor.

The recipes are there, the products are in our store, so you just have to enjoy these Calabrian goodness.