The BuoniBuoni products are available on Bottega di Calabria

Bottega di Calabria is pleased to welcome in its store to BuoniBuoni, the line of traditional sweets, jams and preserved foods, realized by the painstaking and passionate work of people with Down syndrome.

Defined as "products with a high content of happiness", the BuoniBuoni brand productions is referred to the social cooperative founded in Cosenza 'Volando Oltre', which has involved in training 40 boys and girls for two years in protected laboratories and through direct experiences in company.

A work that smells of dignity and payback against the prejudice of a society and a territorial context that marginalizes and forgets. The desire to achieve the full social inclusion of these people has been combined with the respect for Calabria, a land of amazing products, with the aim of enhancing it through a careful selection of high quality raw materials, prepared according to recipes of the ancient and wise local gastronomic tradition.

BuoniBuoni products

  • Biscuits with almonds or chocolate
  • Bocconotti cookies filled with chocolate or mustard
  • Shortbread cookies with chocolate chips, walnuts or hazelnuts
  • Jams of strawberries, raspberries or oranges
  • Past of olives and almonds, olives and anchovies or olives and oranges