Baskets and gift packs for Christmas

Every year, when Christmas approaches, the dilemma is always the same: what to give your friends and relatives? If you're looking for something that's different from the usual ideas, then you could opt for Christmas baskets and gift hampers, containing a choice of delicacies to delight their palates.

Why choose Christmas baskets?

For some years now, Christmas baskets have been increasingly sought after by those who want to stay away from the usual gifts, such as technological ones, which are usually very popular, but are also among the most commonplace and impersonal.

Inside the baskets you can put the most varied food products, the important thing is that they are of good quality. In fact, very often, on the market are easily available ready-made packages, but containing some items that do not always reflect your personal taste and that do not have great quality characteristics. Therefore, the main rule is to choose only and exclusively products from the Italian food scene that, in addition to satisfying lovers of good food, help the market of our beloved country to maintain good levels.

To create your Christmas basket it is therefore essential to prefer typical foods of our regions, unique and inimitable in their kind, such as the Calabrian soppressata, the liqueur with Aspromonte Myrtle and olive oil with chili. If you choose to give someone a basket for Christmas, you have the opportunity to assess the size of the object itself and the products it should contain, all based on your financial resources and personal taste.

baskets and gift packs

Ideas for Christmas baskets and gift packs

Christmas baskets and gift hampers are a great choice if you want to make a welcome gift to your friends and family. The important thing is to know how to select the right products to put in them. Genuine and typical local foods are the most suitable and appreciated by lovers of good Italian cuisine.

Let's see now some tips to better sift all the delicacies to put in the baskets, as gifts for your loved ones. First of all, you could opt for a Christmas basket with very special and characteristic contents such as the famous Calabrian Nduja, in the spreadable version, excellent to be enjoyed together with the Bruschette, the Fettuccine pasta with Red Onion, the Chili Peppers Torchietti pasta, the Cream of porcini mushrooms, the handmade Taralli and the delicious Bergamot Honey.

Another fantastic idea could be to choose a mix of preserves based on land and sea, such as Spicy marinated fish whim, Parsley sardines, Anchovies fillets, Chilies filled of tuna and Pate of black olives and anchovies. If the person you give the basket to is particularly fond of beer, then you might prefer a selection of quality craft beers, such as the renowned Trupija, Magaria, Jumara, Strina and Trilla.

For wine collectors, on the other hand, the ideal choice is certainly to include a mix of typical regional products in the Christmas pack, in particular red, rose and white Montebalti (Tuticus Barrique, Seme Nero, Alba Rosa, Lacrima di Luce). A nice idea for a tea lover could be to create a pack containing an assortment of traditional local drinks, in particular that based on licorice and licorice root. Without a doubt, a pleasant gift for those who want to enjoy the evening, or any other time of day, an excellent infusion purifying and detoxifying the body.

Another suggestion to keep in mind is to create a combination of local cheeses with local food and wine. For example, include Caciocavallo Silano PDO and Calabrian Pecorino with red wine, with its characteristic dark color. With them, it could be an excellent idea to add delicious jams, typical of the area, such as Chili Jam and Apple and Licorice Jam.

Finally, a Christmas basket containing typical Calabrian sweets, such as Mustaccioli, Susumelle, White Piparelli and Black Almond Linguette, would also be very appreciated by the most greedy. To be combined with a good liqueur, for example the Chocolate Liqueur, the Bitter Manfredi or the Licorice Grappa.

If you're still undecided on what to give, you can take a look at our baskets and gift hampers with a 100% Calabrian flavor!