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The susumelle have a simple but very perfumed dough, thanks to the presence of honey and cinnamon. This bergamot version is characterised by its delicate white chocolate glaze.


Ingredients: flour 45%, sultanas 11%, daisies (without hydrogenated fats) 15%, millefiori honey 7%, invert sugar (glucose) 7%, ammonium bicarbonate 0.78%, sodium bicarbonate 0.23%, cocoa 0.46%, cinnamon 0.03%, water 0.9%, bergamot essential oil 0.01%, external white chocolate covering 10%. Covering: white chocolate (cocoa 34%, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour)
Quantity: 400g
Storage: fresh and dry place, away from heat sources
Origin: produced and packaged by Prodotti Artigianali Graziano Zenone, Marina di gioiosa (Reggio Calabria)

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Nutrition Facts
Nutrition facts Serving size 100g
Calories Kcal/Kj 295/1281
Fats g 8,6
Saturated fats g 3,1
Carbohydrates g 51,9
Sugars g 18,8
Proteins g 6,5
Fiber g 3,7
Salt g 0,003
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