Bergamot Liqueur Cream "Bergamello" 50 cl - Manfredi

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Bergamot Liqueur Cream "Bergamello" 50 cl - Manfredi


Obtained from the alcoholic infusion of bergamot peel, excellence of the Calabrian territory, where the fruit is born and grows thanks to a microclimate and an ideal habitat. It is known that Bergamot is appreciated, among other things, in the cosmetic industry, and its curative properties are also numerous. The ripe bergamot peels are macerated in alcohol, resulting in an infusion of sweet taste with harsher notes and an extraordinary scent that guides the senses on a journey on the sunny Calabrian coasts. Crema di Bergamello is a surprisingly delicate liqueur, excellent to drink cold and thanks to its aroma it becomes a perfect ingredient to be used in mixing cocktails.


Quantity: 50 cl

Alcohol content: 17%

Packaging: glass bottle

Origin: produced and bottled by SCM s.r.l., Laurignano (CS).

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