Amaro Rupes 70cl - Liquorificio Rupes

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The Rupes bitter is produced with officinal herbs and spices gathered in the lands of Roccella Jonica (Reggio Calabria). It is a liqueur for meditation, with an amber brown colour and a unique, unmistakable and balanced flavour; the aroma is intense with strong herbaceous notes.

In 2021 it was recognised as the best herb liqueur in the world during the World Drinks Awards competition.

To be enjoyed at room temperature or iced (-20°C), sitting at the table at the end of a tasty dinner consumed in pleasant company, or perhaps in an armchair, letting your thoughts wander through delicate and evocative images.


Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, herb and root infusion (bay leaves, wild fennel, Calabrian liquorice), natural flavouring, colouring: caramel. Gluten-free herb liqueur
Quantity: 70cl
Alcohol content: 28%
Origin: produced and bottled by Liquorificio Rupes, Roccella Jonica (Reggio Calabria)

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