Amaro Milone 70cl - Liquorificio Lacinio

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Amaro Milone is an excellent digestive, invigorating, with a strong and decisive flavour.

This excellence of our territory is the result of a careful search for aromas and herbs for the perfect infusion that would bring back the flavour of the tradition of long ago. Gluten-free and caramel-free.


Ingredients: water, sugar, natural flavours and herbal infusions
Main botanicals: cardamom, gentian, angelica, juniper berries and citrus fruits
Serving temperature:
serve at fridge temperature (0-4°) so as to appreciate the aroma and taste or, alternatively, from the freezer
1° place 2022 BEST bitter in the world World Liqueur Awards cat. bitters
1° place 2022 BEST Italian Bitter World Liqueur Awards cat. bitters
3° place 2022 worldwide cat. bottle design
3° place 2021 worldwide cat. bitters
3° place 2021 worldwide cat. bottle design

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